The story of an aspiring Entrepreneur | Episode-4

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Here comes,

Innovius Research: A young framework with expertise in Market Intelligence, Business
Research, Market and Admin support and last but not the least Design and Branding. This body not
only make things work on the basis of its expertise but also with its experience too in handling
startup models to Fortune 500 big giants. Through an exclusive marketing campaign, Mr. Himarul
Joseph encountered Innovius and approached them with his problem.

Let’s quickly see the list of problems that he shared with Innovius:

  • How can he identify his target market?
  • What all markets should he focus to place his service portfolio in order to get the potential
    scope to flourish?
  • Are there any alternatives in the market who are capturing the market with some other
    strategy like pricing, positioning, services, and its quality?
  • What if he can get an investor to invest in his business and how can he approach him/her?
  • What if he can get an extraordinary list of leads of corporate houses who look for this kind of
    sought-after models to award their employees with advance bookings / a long-term tie-up as
    a part of their employee engagement programs?
  • A solid marketing strategy and accordingly the right communication model to portray in front
    of the target audiences.
  • Even if he gets the strategy and content model, how will he manage to execute at the lowest
    possible cost?

Let’s see how Innovius Research addressed these problems in the next episode. Stay tuned!

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