The story of an aspiring Entrepreneur | Episode-5

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So let’s see now, how Innovius contributed its best of his knowledge, expertise and
experience to fix the issues. Out of 7, Innovius successfully addressed to 6 issues. But the question is
again “HOW”??

Innovius carried out a research report that covered half of his solutions:

  • Market sizing in terms of potential market
  • Customers that still remain undiscovered by Mr. Himarul Joseph
  • Competitive Analysis
  • SWOT analysis in order to make Mr. Himarul Joseph understand what to showcase
    and what not.
  • Innovius furnished with a list of leads of corporate houses as well as investors too whom Mr. Joseph can approach for business growth and funding respectively. Innovius could make it possible through its extensive research, resulting in generating this leads.
  • Another support that Innovius did give is providing the design and marketing support where they designed the pitch deck for the investor, based on Mr. Joseph’s input and also implementing the communication strategy in the form of presentation, service portfolio deck, infographics, explainer videos and many more.

So did Mr. Himarul Joseph could get out of his problems? Stay tuned!

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