This is a powerful one liner that sums up branding entirely. Logo design is simply a part of the branding which we undertake and execute. Branding is about creating a visual identity of your products and/or services. These include and are not limited to:

These and many more represent the visual identity of the brand. Your brand also represents the core values, your style of working, your representation of your identity in the minds of people. At Innovius, we recognize the importance and impact of well-thought, meaningful and impactful branding. Hence, apart from the world class tools to assist you with designing your brand, we also understand your business and different aspects of your philosophies to reflect it in your branding. Some of the visual representations which we design for our partners and clients include, but not limited to

PowerPoint template design - presentations are powerful visual tools to communicate an idea. When people see information presented visually, they tend to remember 80% of it based on how it is presented. Considering this aspect, we design creative and impactful templates for your presentations.

Brochure design - A brochure or a catalog is a miniature representation or portrait of your business. The small to medium size of the brochure must deliver an impactful punch to the beholder. We have the potential to deliver this for you with the help of the premiere set of tools coupled with experienced and creative designers to handle these.

Infographics - As the name suggests, this is a combination of information and graphics. In other words, this implies graphical representation of information. This is an enhanced method of delivering the right message and/or content with the help of impactful graphics and/or visuals.

Research design - Research reports, papers and presentations contain meaningful information and insights. These need to be represented in a themed design consistent with the branding. Our experienced team members will take care of this for you by providing you with a complete package of designs for you to use in various presentation, reports, journals, etc.

All of these and more are based on the simple principle that the retention of information is much higher when it is visually presented in the form of presentations, infographics, brochures, catalogs, books, etc. Hence, we prefer to use premium technology tools from global market leaders to churn out exquisite graphical designs for our clients.

Our personnel are well trained on the use of these tools and have the relevant experience under their belt to create powerful visuals to leverage your brand.


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