Flexible Engagement Models

Fixed Cost Model – in this, our clients pay us a fixed cost in advance for the project before commencement of work.

Hourly Cost Model – in this, our clients agree to pay us hourly rates at regular intervals for the analysts efforts involved.

FTE (Full Time Engagement) Model – in this, the client “borrows” our employee and agrees to pay a fixed monthly fee against the total number of hours and days worked by the analyst.

Experienced Team

Access to Relevant Tools

We, at Innovius, have access to the some of the noted research and data mining tools that aid in making our findings more robust and authentic. This is an added step that we have taken to ensure that we truly and effectively deliver quality research reports on time every time to our clients.

To leverage the appropriate and efficient use of these tools, our team consists of experienced professionals who have graduated from some of the reputed Management Institutes of India. They are experienced and knowledgeable in their respective domains and they will ensure that our clients get quality research done in the most intelligent manner.

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