Every business broadly consists of two types of activities – the first is strategic or brainstorming activities that generate revenue and get more business and the other is routine and mundane activities that are "necessary but non-value add". These activities tend to utilize your bandwidth without being very productive.

At Innovius we appreciate the value of these and we also appreciate the value of your time. Hence, to ease your burden, we also offer you basic services in the form of:

Data Entry - There are several data entry activities to be done even for startups ranging from basic tracking of employees, projects, clients, expenses, revenues, etc. The number of activities can increase as the organizations scale up. Although these activities do not require high intelligence, however, they do need to be executed carefully with proper quality control. We offer this as a service for you to reduce your workload.

Data Mining - Technically, data mining refers to the process of surfing through large data sets to identify patterns, establish relations and use them to solve problems. However, even in any organization, there are volumes of data that are accumulated with time that need to be sorted and organized. These data sets can be housed in multiple systems and are for internal use of the organization such as employee records, client information, project details, etc. To a very large extent, this would also involve gathering data for sending bulk marketing emails from various data sources, accumulating leads via various lead generation mechanisms and sources.

B2B Lead Generation - This is part of marketing activities that involve online and offline lead generation via various campaigns and approaches. This is a tedious and time-consuming process, especially when this is not your core area of expertise. At Innovius, this is an activity that we specialize in and we help you devise specific targeted strategies to ensure you get consistent inbound B2B leads.

Pitch Deck Preparation - The pitch deck is a presentation to showcase your product and/or services. Pitch deck also refers to the company profile and business canvas that needs to be shown to investors for funding the company. Preparation of both require intense brainstorming, framing and presenting the business ideas, products and/or services in an aesthetic and appealing manner.

Web Research - This is an extensive and time-consuming activity, especially for novices. This primarily involves researching the internet for information based on keywords or a set of topics. Nowadays, with the advent of SEO and other organic ways to drive traffic to a specific website, it is easy to get a huge number of search results for each keyword or topic. The key is to read and identify the best set of contents that are relevant.

Social Media Research - There are numerous social media channels, each designed for a specific purpose and with different types of target audiences in mind. To hunt for specific information or buzzwords across various social media channels, you need expensive tools to do the job. We have the requisite tools and expertise to address this for you, thus saving your expenses and giving you solutions.

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