As a service, Innovius offers the below major aspects of market intelligence. We adopt a two-fold strategy to conduct our research – the bottom-up approach and the top-down approach. This is part of our methodology to ensure that we are consistently motivated to conduct market research in an efficient manner.

Market Sizing - This is part of the market research strategy to collect information about the market size. We help you estimate the potential of your product with our knowledge of market sizing methods. This is an important factor to determine the product acceptance by the consumers.

Demand Estimation and Forecasting - Often, estimation and forecasting are loosely used for the same thing, however, they are distinct. Estimation attempts to quantify the demand levels with its dependent variables. Forecasting attempts to predict the overall levels of future demands irrespective of the variable movements. At Innovius, we understand these differences and formulate our research process accordingly.

Analysis of Market Trends and Drivers - Market movements and the dynamic nature of the market tell a story. We look at the trends and unearth the story behind these movements. Accordingly, we define the long, short and medium trends based on the time-frames considered. This gives insights on the market movements and the drivers for these movements.

Growth Opportunities - This is an in-depth market analysis that we do to properly plan your product and/or service launches. We help you analyze customer demographics, including but not limited to, their location, buying habits, lifestyle, willingness to try and buy new products and/or services, and other related variables.

Market Challenges - The biggest challenge faced is to generate traffic and leads. The root cause of this is the "resistance to change" factor which prevents people from trying new products and/or services. At Innovius, we have identified this as a potential opportunity to generate interest especially via our research methodology. This helps you strategize and place your products/services better and increase the acceptance rate by your target audience.


Global Elevators & Escalators (E&E) Market 2011-2022

India-Bamboo and Cane Handicraft Market 2012-2021

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